Thursday, April 10, 2008

In The Garden

I started this about 10 days ago to take a break from Love Isn't Love.... For some reason it was hard to get into this piece. I'm still not enjoying it but it's going better now. I hope to have it done over the weekend. I'll start Noah's Ark on Saturday, kit it up tomorrow. This piece will go to a teenage girl at Love Quilts who chose Christian as theme of her quilt.

Sunday I'm going to my sister's house for a few days. We'll go to my niece's baby shower and then head to Kay's house. My brother and his girlfriend will be coming over every day to spend some time with my cat and make sure he has food water, and clean kitty litter. I always hate to leave Whiskers but he'll be fine he always is he knows I'll be back.

Once the Noah's Ark piece gets underway on Sat. it'll be an easy piece to do at my sister's and in the car. I'll take the Love Isn't Love piece too.

I signed up for two more Love Quilts children due Aug. 1. One had Flowers as theme of her quilt. The other day I bought a beautiful flower book, they were the perfect size for the LQ squares so I bought it for that purpose. So I haven't fallen off the wagon! The little boy chose Wild West so I'm doing half of Monument Valley by John Clayton for his. I'll do the half with the silouette horse on it. Boy I hope I didn't over commit myself. I need to get more serious about stitching. The last couple of weeks I've slacked off and read blogs instead.

I do enjoy reading all the blogs. I am amazed at how many different patterns there are and how few are really repeated on different blogs. Well until next time Happy Stitching!


Johanna said...

It doesn't sound as though you are keen on this piece, but it is pretty and I am sure the young lady will enjoy seeing it on her quilt. Will look forward to seeing your finish :)

Marita said...

I'm amazed at how often you can see the same pattern on many blogs yet it always looks different, each stitcher brings a unique perspective to their work.