Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Another new start

I couldn't handle the heart piece so laid it down. Unfortunately that will turn into a UFO I'm afraid. I started this piece a few days ago. But most of it was stitched yesterday and a couple of hours this morning. This will go to the surprise quilt we are doing at 123 stitch.

I just kept getting sicker and sicker as the days got by and just couldn't stitch. Finally went back to the Dr. on Monday and got an antibiotic and more prednizone. The prednizone didn't kick in at all last week but we thought maybe with an antibiotic and a stronger dose of prednizone it would help and I think it has. I have 2 more days of it after today we only went with 5 days of both. Hopefully that is long enough. But today is better than what I've been in a few weeeks. Monday I was so bad, Wendy came over Monday night and said forget it you are going to mom and dad's they are expecting you. So I stayed there that night so if I had problems someone would be there. I really appreciated that even though at time I resisted going as I didn't want mom and dad to catch my bronchitis.

Tomorrow Tim and Wendy are going down south. Tim hasn't seen his sons in 6 years. They lost contact with each other for awhile but then last year Tim found them and since they have been talking often. This will be Wendy's first time meeting the boys. Well they are grown now. Both Jake, and Nate have 2 children each that Tim hasn't seen yet. Exciting time for Tim he can't wait to go. I doubt it will take 6years for them to see each other again.

Next week my sister and her family are all heading for Jamaca. Her son, Brian is getting married down there. Brian's future in-laws really wanted them to get married in a foreign destination, guess they wanted a reason to travel? So Brian ad Chrissy chose Jamaca. We hope baby Addie does okay on the plane, she's 9 months will be 10 months 1st of March. She's never still when she's awake, always on the go so this may be a long plane ride.

Well, no more news right now so until next time. Happy Stitching!


Lori-Ann said...

wow... much is going on with you and yours!

Hope you get better soon, and that all traveling family are kept safe and sound and good memories are made.

Wendy said...

I do hope you will get better soon! Hope the meds will work! Keep my fingers crossed for you.

Take care.

Cindy F. said...

Feel better soon Barb!

Chiloe said...

HOpe you feel better soon !! Take care.