Friday, April 16, 2010

Back to the Giraffes

I've only stitched on them about 14 hours the past two weeks but have made some progress on them. They are a little monotonous but enjoyable at the same time. I am anxious to get them done.
It is so nice out. Great walking weather. I just called my brother to see if I could walk their dog. He has to come get me. They are down to one car and Wendy has the car right now so we'll see.
Thank you for your comments to my bloggs, they mean a lot to me.
Tuesday the ladies put the Care Baskets together. I don't know if the book marks go sewn in time to get into the baskets. I had to go to a dinner for Love Inc. that night. We heard a really good quartet called Reaching out. It really was a nice evening. The food was good of course.
My niece, Amanda had her first child on Monday. They named him Scott Lucas. He lives in AL so once again, we won't see much of him. That brings total to 12 great nieces and nephews.
Kids club is winding down for the season. Only one more Wed. night and the carvival will be Sat. Apr. 24. I can't go to the carnival as other plans had been made. I was sort of disappointed this year. For one thing we went to new material and I wasn't impressed and the attendance dropped so severaly this year. Last Wed. we had 12 kids, and that was it. 13 adults. Now what's wrong with that picture. My big grip is the story time was a half hour way too long for the 4 th and 5th graders let alone the 4 year olds through 2 nd grade. Someone flunked Christian Ed 101 and it wasn't Tina and Tifany it was whoever wrote the material. Come to find out the use the very same material for adults, there's the problem. So hopefully next year different material will be used or this material will be modified. No wonder the kids dropped out. At one time we had close to 100 kids in Adventure Club. Sad... The church itself is growing so it's not we're shrinking.
Well...I've rambled enough. Until next time....Happy Stitching!


Ginnie said...

Giraffes looks great, they are such lovely creatures !!

Meari said...

Sounds like life has been busy for you. Glad you're enjoying the nice weather like I am. Congrats on another new baby in the family. How exciting. Your giraffes look great. :) And hey - 14 hours is a lot more time than I've been getting in lately!

Shari said...

very pretty!!! Love your giraffes!!!!