Saturday, April 10, 2010

Third Bookmark done

I didn't get 5 done this week like I wanted. I didn't realize they would take so much time, especially this one. I talked to our Pastor's wife as she is in charge of the project and she said someone else was making bookmarks too so 2 or 3 a month would be fine. I had not planned on doing them every month I had planned on other things too but I'll talk to Char about that later. But if bookmarks is what she wants every month I will need to get more patterns won't I? Too bad for me, LOL! Any excuse to buy more patterns. I wish I could go Tuesday night to our first meeting but I'm going to a dinner with Love Inc. instead. They are having a dinner for the volunteers and those who run their food pantries. I committed myself to that without thinking. Oh well....they do have good food and the program isn't that long.

Now that I have these 3 bookmarks done it's back to the giraffes. I'll get them finished off then work on the bookmarks again. Until next time...Happy Stitching!


Mylene said...

Another lovely finish for the bookmark.

stitcherw said...

Very pretty, all three look lovely.

Sally said...

Lovely bookmark, love all three that you've stitched.

Margaret said...

Your bookmark designs are very pretty Barb. I did some several years ago and found they took more work than one would have imagined.

Your giraffes are so sweet and I can understand how you want to get back to them.