Thursday, April 22, 2010

Progress on Giraffes

Thank you for all your comments to my blog and reading it. I love hearing from people. I am finding more and more blogs out there to read and enjoy. My blogroll is growing!
The larger giraffe is almost done. I am getting anxious to get this piece done but probably won't be for another 10 days. I won't have much stitching time over the weekend, if I do I will be working on the bookmarks again, only doing a couple of them this time.
This morning my sister brought her granddaughter in to see us, and another niece, Melissa, brought her two children. Johnny and Addie get along so well and just love playing together so we thought since Addie was coming in we'd ask Melissa to bring her two. Kate is only a month old so she just mostly slept but was so cute when she was awake. It was a noisy but fun morning. By the time everyone left, mom, Johnny, and Addie were all ready for naps. I'm hoping we can have a day this summer when Heather is off and take the kids to the park. They'd like that.
Well, until next time Happy Stitching!

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Debra said...

Looking good.