Monday, May 03, 2010

Back to the Bookmarks

Tbis week I am back to doing the bookmarks. This one is in same book as the Blue Floral one and was much easier to do. I really enjoyed it.
I'm going to do something I shouldn't do, but I'm going to looking for some more bookmark patterns and baby patterns and order them. I had wanted to go a whole year without using my credit card on patterns, I should have known I wouldn't make it but I did make it to May!
I have to tell you what 3-year-old Johnny pulled in church yesterday. His SS class was singing. He knew the songs knew the motions. But that's not what Johnny did.....he decided to get in front of the kids and dance the whole time the kids were singing. LOL! I laughed so loud when I read that on Melissa's facebook page and read all the comments. I wish I could have seen it. Later when his dad talked to him about it he says "I can't wait to get the microphone in my hand!" Little ones, you never know what they are going to do or say. I called my mom and told her what her great grand son had done and she too laughed and says, "Well....we created that, he and Addie would entertain us by their singing and dancing so he decided to do it in front of his church." We created a little monster! Of course later he showed his stubborn streak at home, he was told to pick up his toys, wouldn't do it so was sent to his room....That stubborn little boy waited 3 1/2 hours before he would come down and pick up his toys! Battle of the wills there.
Saturday Addie turned two. Sounded like she had a pretty good birthday. She got a tricycle which she loves I'm sure, especially when she masters riding it.
Well....until next time....Happy Stitching!

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Virpi said...

It was nice to hear from you =). I thought that the blogger would be easier for foreigners to comment and that was the main reason why I changed my blog there. Your giraffes looks really pretty. I like the bird in the neck of the other giraffe =)