Friday, May 21, 2010

Soccer Player

After the disaster with the Birth Sampler I started a flower and butterfly piece, but then this piece came up. Cross Stitchers for Charity was do a quilt from Ruth Morehead's book "Go Team Go" published by Gloria & Pat. One of the ladies had signed up for 4 squares and could see she wasn't going to get all 4 done so I took the Soccer Player as it had more color than the other piece did. (White on white just doesn't go with me). Thing is it is due June 1 so I've been spending a lot of time on dit the past few days. Like most Ruth Morehead pieces the hair and face take up half the pattern I think. But he's finally starting to take shape. I also have a little bit of the soccer ball in there.
It's been a busy week. We did have our last BSF meeting this past Wed. Boy this year went by so fast. I'll miss it during the summer months. In the fall we start back up and will be studying the book of Isaiah which should be interesting. We are all looking forward to it.
I just got an invitation to our GRSBM Alumni reunion in June. I wish I could go but not this year. Speaking of which today is the anniversary of my graduation from Grand Rapids School of Bible and Music. Never mind how many years ago! lol but it's been at least 30 but not 40.

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Meari said...

You've got a nice start on your newest WIP. :)