Friday, May 28, 2010

Buckeyes start

I started this piece before starting the soccer player. I have made progress on the soccer player but decided to lay it down for a few days and go back to this piece. This piece is very detailed. It's called Buckeyes in Stoney Creeks "On Butterfly Wings" I love that book and have done several pieces. This piece is due Aug. 8 and I really don't know that' I'll make the deadline. I have a back up piece in mind just in case I don't, but want to give this a good try. The problem I am having here is there is one symbol * used twice, red and black, problem they have both in red in the color key and I have to figure out which is which Hopefully I get it right.

My problem is right now there are so many pieces I want to do. So I may be starting a lot of pieces and finishing few. Soccer Player is due June 1 I knew right from start I wouldn't make the deadline but I don't see where too many people are so I can do it a couple hours a day and then go to this piece.

My sister got home from CO earlier this week. My niece posted darling pictures of baby Nicholas. The older he gets the cuter he gets. It's great having internet as when your family is so spread out, you can still see pictures and videos of the little ones and feel like you know them. When Nicholas smiles his whole face lights up and those dark brown eyes just sparkle. He seems to be a very happy baby. She's coming here for a couple of days next week. Of course she'll spread her time off between here and her daughters about 45 minutes from here. Something about wanting to see her grand daughter, Addie! Lol. She never use to go to CO so much and never use to divide her time between here and her daughters, but something about those grandchildren she just has to see when she can! LOL. It's going to be interesting this summer the week they are all together to see how Addie likes sharing grandma with Nicholas and Nicholas the same since they both seem to "own" her when they have her.
Well, until next time.....Happy Stitching!


Chiloe said...

NIce piece. Hope you can finish it on time ;-)

Debra said...

Love stoney creeks patterns, it will be beautiful. I don't know why they do that. Good luck.