Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Princess Birth Sampler

I finally decided to get started on a birth sampler for Addie since she just had her 2nd birthday a little over a week ago. It is a Disney Princess Birth sampler. It really is going much better than I contemplated and I procrastanated starting it for that reason. Princess 1 I think is Snow White and is going fast. She looks a little odd here as her one side doesn't have the hair in yet. Honest it looks much better in person then here.
I also found a piece I want to do for the Flower and Butterfly quilt at Love Quilts. Typical of me, I signed up for a larger project then what I have the time to do. This one is still be Stoney Creek, it has pansies and is smaller, I have enough SC books that have butterflies in them I think I can find a couple of Butterflies to go on it. I'm anxious to start that but I want to get Addie's piece going really good first.
Tonight we have WMT Meeting. It's Women's Ministry Team at church. We put together Care Baskets and some of the ladies in the group deliver them. I hope to deliver this month if I can get someone to take me since I don't drive. We have to go in two's anyway so I don't think it'll be a problem.
My brother's fiancee's step father (he raised her) has cancer and has now spread to all his organs plus his brain. They found out in Nov. he had skin cancer on his face and it's been up and down ever since. Now he is on Hospice Care and they are telling the family it's a matter of time. He's ready to go home. He's a christian and knows he is going to heaven so he's at peace. Wendy is going to have to move in with her mother and take care of her as she needs constant care.
We only have 2 maybe 3 more BSF meetings, tomorrow being one of them. I learned so much this year I hate to see it end. Our group is having it's final fellowship afterwards. I made brownines for it.
Well, until next time Happy Stitching!

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