Saturday, July 17, 2010

Remember The Caretaker

I've been working of it off and on for about 3 years now. And at the rate I'm going I will be for the next 10 years! Anyway, for the first time in 14 months I got it out to work on. It's going pretty well for now. The body of the elk is coming in nicely. I really enjoy working on it from time to time. When I get tired of it, it goes back into my UFO pile until next time. I told my brother he'd have it anywhere between 2012 and 2020. Seriously 2015 is my goal. It's a large piece and lots of confetti stitching. It has 25 pages...20 full solid pages, 5 half pages all solid.

Thursday afternoon my sister came to town for a quick one day trip then was going to her daughter's house to do some work for our parents 60th anniversary celebration we are having end of Aug. We went up to see mom and played Push Rummy. Then yesterday morning she came and got me and we went down to Lake Michigan. The white caps were so pretty. I can so understand the people of the Gulf Coast being so upset about the oil spill as if it happened here, we would be devasted. The shorelines of the Gulf Coast and Lake Michigan are so pretty. After going to the lake she took me to our brother's as she wanted to see his new house. Then I stayed there as Kevin and Beth were taking me with them to Melissa and John's Cottage about an hour in a half south east of here.

Once we got there it seemed like there was a thousand steps to climb and all were steep with railing only going 3/4 of the way. But once I got up there it was worth it. The cottage is so cute. It's almost like a tree house as it's high up among the trees and you look across over the lake and area. It's a very secluded and wooded area but so nice. Some of the people live there year round and have to plow themselves out in the winter. I can't image being there in the winter although it would be beautiful. Johnny and Kate were as cute as ever. Kate is 4 months now and growing and doing more and more. She's a happy baby for the most part. We went down to the lake and had a lot of fun with Johnny, who is 3 1/2 now and thinks he's 10. Although in a lot of ways very much a 3 year old. We had a nice chicken dinner and then went home.

Thank you for reading my blog and leaving comments. I really appreciate them and it means a lot to me. I will sign off as in a few minutes I have to leave for an 80th birthday celebration for a lady at church.

Until next time.....Happy Stitching!


Mylene said...

That is sure a huge design but looks great.

Sounds like you are having some wonderful family visits.

stitcherw said...

Glad you had such a nice visit. I'll bet the view was wonderful, the shore and trees and such up north are beautiful. Nice progress on Caretaker, stick with it and you'll finish. It's smart to work on it off and on with breaks, that way when you're done you'll remember enjoying doing it rather than forcing yourself to do it and then remembering it less favorably.

~ Sue ~ said...

Would you believe I was thinking of this project just the other day. I wondered if you ever finished it.

Beth said...

That is going to be one fantastic project when you are done! I have a really big one like that too. It is living on the UFO pile right now - LOL.

I do so love Lake Michigan. The dunes are the best sand anywhere, and the air seems so clear around there. I envy your nearness, but I don't envy your winters!!

Good luck on the Caretaker!

Shari said...

the project is beautiful! Love these big designs! Have a few going myself!!
and the secret ingredient in my cookies was POPCORN!!!