Friday, July 30, 2010

Another UFO

I got out this piece to finish up. I've been itching to get back to it for a little while. Me being a seasonal stitcher just felt this was a good piece to get out. It will go to Love Quilts. What child I don't know but it'll be done in advance for a music quilt or I'll send it to any child quilt. We'll see.
My sister just called me to see if she could pick me up now. Since I have clothes in the dryer she'll wait until 3 and go see mom at the Nursing home. As far as mom goes, she will probably be there at least through next week. We had hoped she'd be home by time Amanda, Luke, and Baby Scott got here from AL but it doesn't look like she'll be ready. And it's too hard on dad if she gets out too early. We are concearned about dad as we can see him going down hill. He has CHF and a bronchial condition and both are taking their toll on him. Even people at church are telling us they are concearned and he's been so instrumental at church. People say the church would fall apart without him...I don't think it will, they will have to rely on themselves more is all. But it's so hard to see him go down hill. He is 81 now. Anyway we are looking forward to seeing Amanda and Luke again and meeting baby Scott. I love Facebook and getting to see pictures of my great nieces and nephews. They live all over USA so at least we can get to know them through pictures and videos. It is great!
My sister and I are going to go order our parents anniversary cake for their celebration Aug. 28. We are having an Open House to celebrate their 60th anniversary. It'll be held at our church. One of the men from our church said he would cater it for free. We do plan on giving him money to pay for the cost of the food as we don't feel it's fair for him to pay that.
Well I'll get off the computer now, go do my dishes and that. Until next time.....Happy Stitching!


Meari said...

It's great that your working on your UFO. Sending good thoughts for your parents' health.

Meari said...

Hey Barb -- In regards to your comment on my latest post. Yes, the animals are stacked on top of each other. There's a scan of the completed piece in my multiply WIP album.