Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Autumn Sampler by Prairie Schoolar

As much as I disliked doing the sports logos, I like doing this piece.   It is a little different for me but I am really enjoying it and it is going quickly.   I am about half done so this may be done Friday or Saturday as the top half has more stitching than the bottom.   Nuts I keep forgetting to upload my pictures until the end so they end up at the bottom.   I would prefer them on top...Oh well...

Well.....today was voting day.   I am so glad it's here and after today we don't have to hear anymore political advertisements for a couple of years.   Problem is I didn't know who to believe who not to believe.   I just voted and we'll see what happens.   I will say I was really surprised by how vocal people were on Facebook.   I'm not sure I'm quite that brave.  But somethings people put on Facebook I don't know.....I think they are doing themselves more harm than good.  But I like facebook as it has put me in touch with friends from long ago and family I really don't get to see because they live out of state.   I love seeing pictures of the babies!

Today is my sister and brother-in-laws 37th wedding anniversary.   Boy it doesn't seem possible it seems like it was just yesterday!

Well-until next time.....Happy Stitching! 


Beth said...

That is working up very pretty! I love the fall colors. I keep forgetting about Prarie Schoolar when I am looking at new charts. I guess that is probably good - saves me some money - LOL!!

Shari said...

very pretty!!! I love the PS patterns!!!
Just need to make time to do some !!