Friday, November 05, 2010

Progress on Autumn Sampler

   I got somewhat further on this piece the last few days.   I think I will finish it up Sunday afternoon.   I am really enjoying this piece.   I do have my next 4 or 5 pieces selected.
We woke up this morning to snow!   Boooo!  Hiss hiss!   I saw it and thought "Tell me this isn't so!"     Oh well it is November.   Often we have snow in October.

    I found out yesterday another of my nieces is expecting a baby.   Heather and Bryan have been wanting a second child but because of her back were hold off.   They were given the go ahead but she is already having back problems.    Unfortunately she inherited my mom's and brother's backs.   It's a curviture of the back.  They have an adorable little 2 year old daughter, Addie.   Addie will be a good big sister.   She's use to be around babies at Day Care and her cousins.  

I didn't get to do Ttunk or Treat at church this year but I heard this time we had over 700 kids.  Each year it gets larger and larger. 

    Well.....until next time Happy Stitching.


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Beth said...

This piece is turning out just beautiful!!

Congratulations to your neice. I have curviture of the spine as well, and it does give me some grief!!