Friday, November 12, 2010

A New Start

Since my stitching chair got taken over by Whiskers I thought I would blog, & read a few blogs.  I laid down the Autumn Sampler for now but do plan to finish it eventually.   I was just anxious to get going on this piece.    This is Gentle Moments from an old Stoney Creek Book called  The Dreamland Express.   It's going to be a little boy hugging a lamb.  I will be sending it to Love Quilts. MRI got called off until the Dr. can get approval from the Insurance Co.   Oh well.....I'm not sure I could handle it today anyway it's really not one of my better days.   Even my neck is very painful along with the shoulder and arm and nothing is releaving the pain.   I go to my regular Dr. on Tues.   problem is most pain pills really get my stomach.  The Dr.'s office just called and said I had degerative arthritis in hip and shoulder.   At least I know.   I will start PT and see if that helps. 

     Earlier this week I went to a Premiere Jewlery Party at my sister in law's.   One of my nieces just started selling the jewelery.   It was a small but fun party.   I also got to see Johnny and Katelyn a little bit and I met my brother's dog Sam.   He's a cutie.   Although my brother took Sam to my parents house with him for the party and Sam found all the toys that my parents had for Autumn when she visits.   My niece conned me into booking a party only having it at my mom's.   I told her it would be only a few relatives.   She was fine and in January.  

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Debra said...

your new piece is looking good.