Saturday, December 18, 2010

Baby Jesus

Remember this one?   I think each Christmas I have worked on it a little since I started this blog in 2006,   I will finish it this year.  I've done a lot of frogging on this one and I think I will be improving a little bit in one area as I can't figure out where the mistake is.

  It looks like we we will have a White Christmas this year.   We are getrting the snow and it's not going to be warm enoough to melt.   Speaking of Christmas.....I better get my Christmas cards out.   I hate doing that!  Each year I vow I'm going to do a little at a time but I always wait until the last minute.

   I am done with Physical Therapy now.   I'm not saying the pain is gone but it is much more tolerable than what it was.  

    Well I'll keep trhis post short.   Until next time....Happy Stitching

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