Monday, December 06, 2010

Its Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Yes, we are getting hit by the snowstorm but not as bas as some areas.   We will get heavy snow for about 20 minutes than it's just flurries.   We do have probably about 6 inches on the ground, maybe more.   I just hope my nephew and his wife make it back to Chicago area safely, it's suppose to be worse as you head in that direction.  Chrissy is about 8 months pregnant due the end of Dec. first of Jan.  

  Also my niece and her husband and baby son are flying back to CO today.   Michelle, Scott, and Nick flew up for a 4 day weekend.   We went to another niece's Friday to see them.   It was so much fun.   Nick is starting to talk a little and has now mastered the art of walking.   Addie just loved seeing her cousin Nick and wanted him to stay with her.   Addie and Nick were so entertaining!   I wish we could see them more!

   I have made some progress on Gentle Moments.   Today was the most I worked on it in the last 10 days put together.   And the rest of this week is filling up so won't have much more time to work on it this week.  Good thing I like to backstitch as there is a lot of backstitching on this!
One of these days things will slow down.

     Last week Christmas came to our Food Pantry.   Someone from another church called and said they had a Food Drive in November and they gave half the food to the Rescue Mission and we could have the other half.   Of course we accepted it.  So one of the ladies met with them Monday and got the food downstairs.   Tuesday another lady and I came in and were shocked by all the food.  So a couple of our Pastors brought the food into the Pantry and we started putting some of it away.   The men of our church had been concearned about the shelves we do have sagging and afraid they would collapse so they bought us 6 Gorrilla Shelves.   They put 3 up last week and 3 more will be put up Wednesday.   So that gives us a lot more room for the food and so much nicer than what we had.     Usage of the Food Pantry has picked up a lot too.   Last week we had 12 families sent to us which is more than we usually get in a month.   So we are just hoping and praying our food holds out.   We may have to get an emergency supply of food from Love Inc.   We are now open 4 days aweek and added 2 ladies to the crew.  Plus our Youth Pastor is going to be the Director, I'll report to him.   He also will be our contact with Love Inc.   I think things will go much better now we made that move.   We were really having problems with one of the ladies causing problems between Love Inc and she was trying to take over the Pantry so we basically reduced her role.   I half expect her to quit on us as she is unhappy with us on that move.  

This weekend is Chrisstmas on the Lakeshore at church.   This time I'm just going and enjoying it on Sat. I've worked hard on other things our church has had this one I wanted to sit out and enjoy.   The church is all decorated for it.  

We also have Johnny's birthday party Friday night to go to. He is 4 years old now.   Remember 4 years ago on Dec. 11 I was posting saying we expected him any moment.   Boy those 4 years have gone fast.   He is now a big brother.   Actually we think he is going on 11.  LOL as he is so advanced for his age.

Well, before this turns into a book I will say until next time.....Happy Stitching!

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Debbie said...

Your stitching is beautiful. Look forward to seeing the completed project!