Friday, December 24, 2010

A New Christmas Start

Two or three years ago I did Winter Village and Bethlehem.   I bought the Three Kings pattern the same time but didn't start it until the other day.   (Yes I will finish Baby Jesus, but I ran into a problem there so  am just doing a little a day or it would go in the garbage.   While I have made progress not enough to post.   Actually I'm waiting until it's finished to post it.  I   know I scanned the piece crooked!
    I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas.   Christmas Day itself will be very quiet as I'll just go to my parents and it'll be just the 3 of us I think.   I have a problem this year.   I couldn't find the gift cards I got my great nieces and nephews, finally found them and they are in mail probably they'll get them Monday or Tuesday.   Now I can't find the Christmas present I got my brother, Tim, or his son, Andrew.   I'm hoping I gave them to Tim's wife and she took them home with her to wrap.   Our family Christmas itself will be next Friday.   My sister-in-law, Beth bought me a cake pan (as I lost mine at a church picnic) so I can make my 7 layer bars for it.
 She's tied up these days as her mother is not doing well at all so she's been at the hospital with her virtually day and night.   So I haven't been able to ask Wendy.  We really feel bad for Wendy as this year she lost 3 very close family members and 2 others who were pretty close now it's touch and go with her mom.  The other night they called the family in as they didn't think she would make it through the night.   She's holding her own but she's on a respirator and no Nursing Home in town will take her because of the Respirator so she will either have to go to Chicago or hopefully one of the Hospitals here in town has a long term unit, hopefully they will have a bed open up for her very soon. 
    Until Next time Happy Stitching    and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone

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