Friday, April 15, 2011

Need Opinions Please and be Honest

Okay here is my dilema.   I said I would fill in for Love Quilts to do a Music Square.   Had the pattern all picked out and laid it aside and can't find it.  In my search for my music pattern books (which I only found 2 or 3 of the 6 or 7 I have) I found this piece and thought "it's easy, cute" I'[ll do it for Taylor."  So away I went stitching.   It's going fast as you can see as I started it 24 hours ago.  So this is only about 5 hours of stitching.   Anyway, the further I get the more convinced I am that this is not Taylor.  No I don't know her but it just doesn't seem Taylor to me, and it says more for a Western quilt square.  I have 3 options 1) to go to another piece Stoney Creek which is all I have outside the one I want to find.  Which will take a while, and I am struggling with Vertigo so hard to stitch long periods of time.  2) just keep stitching this one and hope it's okay  3) there is someone who might be willing to stitch a second square, I might just ask her to do one.   It'll be her 2nd square for Taylor but this is my second square for her to.  Treble Clef I did last summer is going on her quilt.   What would you do?  I love doing this piece, and will keep at it.  Then I'll go back to the flowers maybe, or find another music piece.
     Like I said I am really struggling with Vertigo.  It's so frustrating.  In fact it's been so obvious that people at church really notice it bad and have helped me out a lot.   I had hoped to wortk at the Easter Egg Roll tomorrow but doesn't look like I can now.   Maybe next year.   Someone did give my dad a suggestion that worked for their mother in law, the dr. had told her to do taking Vitams B, C, & E for 10 days, taking less every 3 days.   Anyone ever try this?  Anyone with Vertigo have any suggestions.   It is the lightheadedness I'm having problems with not the dizziness.

   Well, until next time.....Happy Stitching!


Courtney said...

I have Meniere's disease, which is a degenerative inner ear disorder - lots of tinnitus and dizziness.

The first thing doctors tell Meniere's patients is to cut out as much salt/sodium from your diet as possible, and avoid caffeine. I have found that doing this, and not drinking any kind of soda - I only drink water and water+Crystal Light anymore - has helped take the edge off my dizziness tremendously. There is a lot of sodium in soda that I was not accounting for!!

I have not heard the vitamins thing, but vitamins can't hurt you (unless you're taking HUGE doses). You might want to try an over-the-counter diuretic; docs usually prescribe them for Meniere's patients too (but OTC might be a low enough dose to see if it has any effect on your dizziness).

I hope this helps!

CalamityJr said...

I'm not sure what the rest of the design you're stitching looks like, but maybe you could add an iPod nest to the person and have the speaker cords going to her ears, then add some random music notes? They're pretty easy to stitch, and you wouldn't lose what you've already done.

Beth said...

If you have the time, finish this piece while continueing to look for the music charts that you have. If you find a quick one that you like, stitch it. You could always use this one for another child.