Friday, January 10, 2014

A huge start by Mystic Stitch

Good afternoon! Has everyone been keeping warm these cold, snowy days. Although right now we are on a warming trend. It is suppose to be messy tomorrow, as it's suppose to rain and turn to sleet no fun. My brother was suppose to take my nephew down to Indianapolis tomorrow which is a 6 hour drive and he planned to do it all in one day. Andrew wanted to look at a school down there that had Auto Mechanics. Anyway because of the weather tomorrow and doubts the car would make it that far, plus Tim would be driving 12 hours in one day, none of us want them to go. I told my mom if dad were here, he just wouldn't let them go and that would be that. She agreed. I do understand though that Andrew has looked forward to this for a while so he is going to be very upset and mad at his dad.

Today would have been my dad's 85th birthday, so Happy 1st Birthday in Heaven, Dad, but we miss you here on earth. Mom said she was wearing dad's favorite sweater today to keep him close. We donated most of his things, but there were some things we kept. I have his chair and tv.

I saw on some blogs something about Turtle Trot. I had never heard of it until today. (I guess I don't usually go to blogs on 10th of month). Anyway it sounds interesting but how long do you have before you have to finish all 10 projects, and what is minimum size of a big project. I know for sure this piece would count as 1 of the 10 as it's 14 1/2 by 21 when finished. It's by Mystic Stitch. I promised this one (America) to my brother, Tim. Right now it's barely a start, you can see the arm of Statue of Liberty but not much more. Statute of Liberty is probably half the project. Underneath her will be Golden Gate Bridge, I think it's Monument Valley Mountain, one of the twin tower, and a football player. All of them are mini size compared to Statue of Liberty. It has a lot of confetti stitching so will take awhile.

Something else I've been interested in is the Blog Hop but haven't figured out how to join that either. I do enjoy seeing everyone's blogs, even if some make me so jealous as they know how to make their blogs interesting, I don't. Guess I have a boring life!

Saturn's latest kick is to jump on my shoulders and lay there, which I wouldn't mind if it weren't for his claws. I wish I had him when he was younger, or he would have been declawed. By time I got him, my vet refused to declaw him because he was 9 months and weighed 11 lbs. If he'd been smaller she may have done it. At least she was looking out for best interest of the cat and not the money.

Well.....until next time, Happy Stitching!


Justine said...

Your blog is certainly not boring! That Mystic Stitch looks like a big commitment in stitching hours. It's already looking good!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I think the Turtle Trot is open to your own interpretation! If you want to choose 10 BAPs and set a target of so many pages on each then go for it. Or choose 10 smalls and have 10 finishes.

Which Blog Hops have you been seeing? I run five a year, the next is for Valentine's Day. All the details are on this post:
Please do join in if you want to.