Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Last Finish of 2013

Happy New Year everyone! Hope 2014 is a much better year for everyone than last year was. I finished this yesterday, but didn't get to scan or post until this afternoon. This will go to one of our members at ESC who was recently diagnosed with cancer. I really liked doing this flower. For being small, it wasn't an easy stitch, it was detailed, those are the type of patterns I like to do small and detailed.
Now the piece I just started today is large and detailed and will take a while to do. It is America by Mystic Stitch, and I'm doing it for my brother. Once it gets going and comes to life it will be a fun stitch I think.
Well 2013 ended with a bang. Late in the afternoon my phone rang, I went to answer it and lost my balance, fell against my computer chair and scraped my face, nose and got a bad blood nose, tried to get up fell backward and hit the back of my head against edge f computer desk really hard. So I did what any mature adult would do. Called my mom, had my brother come and get me and spent the night with them. Finally got my nose to completely quit bleeding this morning. I woke up with a swollen nose, black eye, and scraped up face, I look a sight. My head hurts a little but not bad, my neck hurts more but that is manageable. I took a couple of Excedrin tablets this morning but haven't since, I'm not in that much pain. I'm home now and looking forward to a good night sleep in my own bed with my cat. I love my brother's dog, and she wouldn't leave me alone the whole time I was there. I have her spoiled, but she's a nice dog and easy to spoil.
Today we watched the Rose Bowl Parade, I watched it on Home and Garden Network, my mom watched in on family chanal in her room. I thought it was one of the better Rose Bowl Parades I had seen in years.
Well, I'm going to go back to stitching on this Mystic Stitch Piece. Oh is there anyone who knows how to piece pieces together. Could I have them do it for me and I post it? Thanks. Until next time Happy Stitching!


Simply Victoria said...

Nice finish! Sorry to hear that you fell and hurt yourself. Take care and blessings in the new year.

Carol said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to read about your fall, Barb--I hope you heal quickly... Your final finish of the year is so pretty!