Friday, January 31, 2014

A whole lot more progress

Good morning everyone! I did a lot more stitching on this then I had and made a whole lot of progress. It's funny, it seems like it's going so slow yet I look at the progress from last week and wow! I made progress. I just wish there wasn't so much confetti stitching is all. But I love seeing the Statute of Liberty come to life.

Well....I fell off the wagon big time this week. I was looking through The Stitchery Catalog and found 4 pieces I really liked. Three of them were religious, one inspirational. One of them was of my dad's favorite verse which is on back order. Then I got a 5th one at a discount some nature bookmarks. I spent too much. There went my resolution to get no new patterns this year and not to use my credit card out the window. I can't wait to get the patterns. Three are on their way to me and 2 are on back order coming in March.

I can't say I'm sad to see January end. It's been an awful weather month and at least through next week this will continue. This morning there was an awful accident right near here. An intercession I've been through a million times in my life. It is sort of dangerous but there is a light where people come off the interstate onto the highway. I don't know how the accident happened I suspect someone either wasn't paying attention and ran the red light or decided to try to run it. Anyway 4 people were killed. Sad.

Tomorrow is the funeral of a long time family friend. Sally was the sister of my second mom. The family and I were so close it's sad. Only one of Sally's brothers and sisters is still alive. So many great memories of them. Sally was one of my mom's best friends and they talked often on the phone. I just hope and pray her family makes it to town safely in this weather. All of them are out of town, most are out of state.

I can't believe I did this. But yesterday I had my brother take me to Pet Smart for cat food. Well...he looked at the cats to see if one he liked was still there, and she was. We left the store and a few minutes after I got home my mom called me saying she was upset because she couldn't have that cat. Well....I talked here into it and said I'd get it for her. So Tim and I went back up to Pet Smart and Tim filled out the adoption papers for her. I just hope her and their dog get along okay. Mom has wanted a cat for a long time and dad wouldn't let her. Since dad died she's often talked about wanting a cat. Angel was a greeter at the Humane Society, and while I liked a couple of other cats better, Tim liked Angel and she is who we were going for. When Angel cuddled up to Tim I knew she was the right cat, the other two cats didn't cuddle up to him, plus they had claws and we didn't want a cat with claws for mom. Angel was declawed. She is shorthaired and all white. Now to see if they get accepted to have her. I'm sure they will we haven't been refused by the Humane Society yet. They are they ones that send the cats to Pet Smart. Like I said, I just hope Angel works out.

Well, I better go get my laundry from down stairs and put last load in dryer. Until next time....Happy Stitching!

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Carol said...

Really great progress, Barb! And I do hope the new kitty works out :)

I'm so glad January has come to an end, too--what a month!!