Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Much progress on Squirrel

Good evening. Thank you to everyone who has been reading my blog. I really appreciate the comments I have received. That encourages me to keep stitching.
I saw a couple of questions on Shebafudge's blog that I found interesting. What designs or themes do you really wish you could find? What do you think is missing among stitching designs? I don't have an answer for the second question. But for the first question I would like to see my Landmark patterns in Cross Stitch, especially to stitch within 9x9 that meet Love Quilts requirements.
I have made a lot of progress on this baby squirrel. I really am enjoying this piece and it seems to be moving along fast.
I have committed myself to 5 more quilt squares so am stitching a lot these days. Only one has been started. Hope will be going to a quilt after all. I was hoping one would show up with Inspirational or Religious theme. This one is Inspirational but not religious so Hope is perfect for it. The girl is quite young but she'll like the square when she's older they don't stay young forever.
Oh, speaking of Love Quilts I added a blog to my blog roll, Ben Sauer. He's only 4 and has only a few days to live. His mother has been blogging his journey and I just learned about it today. It really touched my heart. His mother documents his journey and their faith in God. It's a great blog to read if you want.
Well....until next time....Happy Stitching!


Mary Ann said...

The little squirrel piece is going to be adorable!

Carol said...

I just looked at Ben's blog and was so touched, Barb... I can't imagine dealing with such a thing with my own child as bravely as his parents did. Thanks for sharing the link with us.

Your little squirrel is so cute... hope you enjoy a stitch-filled weekend.