Monday, May 05, 2014

One Last Update on USS Arizona Memorial

Good evening! I've stitched a lot on this piece this past week and am more then ready to have it finished! I'm getting tired of it and it's no fun to stitch anymore. Besides I'm getting anxious to start something new. I have six more quilt squares to do and 5 haven't even been started. Hopefully by the end of the week this will be finished and I'll start one of them.

Well....our Youth Pastor is leaving our church now. Not sure what to think. I really like the couple yet he made me so angry over the food pantry. He was in charge of the food pantry. I'm concerned about the youth though. Hopefully someone will step up to the plate. In the past year 3 of our 4 pastors resigned. The 4th one is getting up in age and his health isn't great so I'm concerned about him too. But we do have an Interim Pastor that just started yesterday. This year has been a rough year with our church. We've had so many people leave plus some key people died. Pastor Nate's timing isn't the best but God is in control.

Yesterday my mom, brother and I went to Holland, MI. It's Tulip festival time. We didn't get out of the car except at the Mall to see the art exhibit, my brother had two photography pieces in. But for the tulips, we just drove through. They are so pretty.

Well....until next time Happy Stitching!


Linda said...

That piece is really pretty Barb. Don't give up, your almost done.


Mary Ann said...

It is a stunning piece, but I understand--some pieces you are just ready to be finished with.