Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Squirrel is Finished

Good morning! How is everyone out there in blog land? Everything is fine here except Saturn didn't like the maintenance men mowing the lawn so I closed the patio door for now. He's okay now. Something about noises just scare cats even though you reassure them that they are okay, they are inside and the noise makers are outside, they won't hurt them.
Anyway I finished this squirrel piece this morning. I loved doing it, it was so much fun. This piece will go to Quilts for Older Children and Adults, for a Baby Animal quilt they are doing. I love puppies and kittens but everyone wants to do them and I do like squirrels too, so I thought I'd do a squirrel.
My mom was in the hospital over the weekend as she was very SOB (short of breath). She had been complaining about it a few days, my brother called the doctor Thurs. and he just prescribed something over the phone. Friday she was so bad my brother called the ambulance. She's home now, on oxygen though.
I watched Dancing with the Stars last night and thought the dancing was great. I thought the judges were too low on Candace and Mark, I thought they did better than that, especially with Mark's injury. I wanted them to make it to the finals once they got so close. I like Meryl and Maks, my only problem is Meryl does have experience behind her which gives her an advantage, but I won't be sad if they win. I really don't care which of the final 3 wins I like them all equally which usually I have a favorite. Anyway I hate the fact it's ending as I really enjoyed it this time around. I also was happy with the outcome of Amazing Race. I wanted the father and son team to win and they did. Well....so much for Realistic TV.
I have decided to move. I applied to transfer to a ground level apartment as these steps are getting harder to do when I carry anything up or down. The apartments are smaller over there, but since I live here anyway I figured it was just easier to transfer to Hickory Village, I'm 62 so I qualify. Now I'm just waiting for an opening and am trying to get rid of some of my things. I've gotten rid of a lot of my CS patterns and books, and some other craft books. Now it's furniture and clothes to downsize some. I feel mixed but every time I climb those stairs I am happy I did put in for the transfer and can't wait to move. I just hope Saturn does okay, he likes running around here the space. (Things are more compact over there.) His cat tree will go and go near the patio door.)
Thank you for reading my blog. I appreciate it and love reading the comments.
Well.....until next time....Happy Stitching!


Mary Ann said...

The baby squirrel square is adorable and will be perfect for a baby animal quilt! It sounds like you are ready for the move, and it doesn't sound like it's a move very far--good luck!

Carol said...

Very cute finish, Barb! It will be a great addition to the quilt :)

I was so happy with the father/son team winning on the Amazing Race, too... Just loved their whole relationship and attitude!

Good luck with your move--a ground floor apartment sounds perfect...