Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Backstitching is a Necessary Evil

Good afternoon!
It's a cloudy day here. We've had so much rain lately but we need the rain.

I have come to the conclusion that backstitching is a necessary evil! It's a pain at times but it sure makes the piece look a lot better. Anyway, this piece is moving right along. It should be done Friday morning. I like doing it but oh so much backstitching. Sorry the scan isn't very good. When it's finished I try from a different angle and maybe the whole piece will get on it.

Saturn has discovered paper comes out of the printer! This morning I was trying to scan this piece and was having problems, so decided to print something out. He was right there ready to catch the paper. Then he decided to proceed and rub himself against it and the cords to my backup system, then he tried chewing on them! What is with him and chewing! Do all cats do that. I don't remember Whiskers doing it, but I remember having a problem with Buffy on that, she was so bad at that I had to unplug everything whenever I left the house. That was before I had a computer.

Has anyone seen, "Letters to God"? I saw it with my mom, brother, and sister-in-law the other day. I really liked it and it made me realize what our kids at Love Quilts and their families go through. Made it more real to me.

Well....until next time....Happy Stitching!


Carol said...

The backstitching is really bringing this piece to life, Barb. For some reason I haven't backstitched in a long time--must be I stitch things without as much detail...

Mary Ann said...

Your piece is looking great! Backstitching really does make the design pop. I may be odd, but I kind of like doing the backstitching. : )