Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Start on Sternes

Good Morning. It's so nice out today. Later my sister will be coming in to town. Tomorrow we are going to take our mom out to Tanglewood to look at their PACE program. It's where they pick up the person and bring them out there for a day, for activities, gives the caregiver a break and will get her out with people. She's looking forward to looking at it and possibly joining.

This piece I'm working on is also going to be retired. The bird is awful to do! I finally just did the darker shades first. I'm anxious to get it done and it's over half done. I'm looking forward to doing my next three pieces also all for Love Quilts. The 3rd one is another sea bird but looks much easier. The other two are a boy with a banner enjoying the sunshine, and the other one is Mickey Mouse giving Minnie flowers.

Because of the quilt squares, my Turtle Trot projects have been neglected basically. But I'll get back to them after I do my next project.

Well...until next time...Happy Stitching!


Mary Ann said...

Even though it sounds like this piece is not a fun stitch, it is looking very nice!

Carol said...

I hope the PACE program works out for your mom, Barb--it sounds like a great program.

The bird is darling, but I can see where he might give you a headache with all those color changes!! Good luck finishing it up :)

Mylene said...

Hope the day's out with your sister and Mom went well.
Goodluck on finishing the bird design.