Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sterns is Finally Finished!

Happy Dance! I finally finished this piece! And the pattern is now officially retired! However the book is not. I have done other pieces from the book that were much easier.

I am getting use to this computer and Windows 8 and really I like Windows 8 now that I'm getting to know it. I just have to find someone who can help me download Microsoft Office. I am not confidant and nervous about doing it on my own so I want someone with me. Hopefully my brother can otherwise I'll just have the Geek Squad do it.

Because this is going to be a busy weekend I won't start a fresh new piece until Monday so I got out one of my Turtle Trot pieces to work on when I can. It's easy and can be laid down off and on. cat wants me off the computer and ready to jump on my shoulder so until next time. Happy Stitching!

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Linda Sherman said...

Barb! First of all. I love your cross stitched piece.
Second. I hated when I got my new computer and had to deal with Windows 8. There are still things that I can't figure out, but in time I guess it will work out.
Third and last.....Don't pay the Geek Squad to download Microsoft Office. I'm no spring chick at 68 but I did it myself and it's so easy. The program will walk you right through it. Only maybe three steps total. Give it a try.
LindaLee at