Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Happy Veterans Day and MMMM Challenge

Good Afternoon! And Happy Veterans Day to the Veterans out there. I know our family has several who have served. Thank you to all the Vets who have served to keep us free.

Rather then post tomorrow the MMMM Challenge I thought I would post today since it was a week ago I first posted. It's almost done. Since scanning it this morning I finished the girl pilgrim. So it may be done tomorrow even. Guess I'll have to find another mini design.

I can't decide if it's raining or snowing outside. Snow is in the forecast. The UP really got hit hard. Almost a foot of snow up in Marquette area. That's right on Lake Superior close to Canada. We will get snow but not bad this week. I guess next week we are due to get more. But that's in the 10 day forecast. Never trust the 10 day forecast anything can change. At least I hope it changes.

Well...anyway until tomorrow or Thursday when this piece is finished Happy Stitching!

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