Sunday, November 30, 2014

MMMM Update #5 and last update

Good afternoon! Did everyone have a good Thanksgiving Weekend. I did. We went to my nieces in Rockford for Thanksgiving. I don't think my brother is going to let me ride with him again unless I'm in backseat and stitching! But that UPS or whatever you call those things, had him go on all the back roads, instead of the most direct route. Though 40 miles you only take 3 roads and 39 of the miles are two roads the 3rd road is only about 2 blocks! But no it had us go down this back road, that backroad, drove me nuts, and then took us through Greenville. It was ridiculous the way it had us go. Anyway we made it. We had a nice Thanksgiving dinner. Of course, Addie and Nolan took over the show. My brother and brother in law both had to leave, but my sister and I spent the night at Heather's. Then Friday Heather, Kay, Addie and I went shopping. It really wasn't too bad. We had a lot of fun. Even had a CS place, very small as they sold other crafts too. I wasn't that impressed with the selection but they had their books and leaflets a $1.00 a piece. I found three books to do. A gymnastic piece for Addie, a space ship for Nolan and a religious one to do for a friend

I didn't do too well on the mini month challenge. I only got 2 small pieces done and a 3rd one about 2/3 done which will finish after the first of year, I have started another small one which should be done in a couple of days.

I will be moving in Dec. I found out for sure. I'm transferring from here to an apartment on the ground level. I'm finding the steps are getting harder and harder to manage. And I think my Neurapathy and Arthritis are progressing so I needed to move. Also we are hoping and praying my brother gets his apt by Dec. 31, as he has to be out of the one he's in by then. He had a 3 bedroom apartment he shared with our mom and his son. Well, mom since died, and Andrew moved to Holland so he needs to get a 1 bedroom apartment he can afford.

Well....until next time......Happy Stitching


Justine said...

Good news about your apartment, fingers crossed for your brother too. Two minis is better than none! Well done on posting four times too - you're in the draw!

rosey175 said...

Hey, you finished more than me! :D I did chuckle at UPS though, perhaps you meant GPS? I imagined you navigating a UPS truck full of mail! Maybe it wanted you to take the scenic route. :)