Thursday, November 06, 2014

YOTA Update (Year of the Acronymn)

It's Nov. 6 and time to post YOTA progress. I will work on it again for Dec. but next year I will choose a different piece, the piece my brother wants me to start working on again (America by Mystic Stitch) I had planned to work on it a little each month this year but that failed.

Well....things are getting back to normal. My sister came to town Tuesday and left a little while ago. We finished things up at our Mom's apartment for now. Our brother will be there until Dec. 31 so we'll do the final things then. Mostly the furniture and things she had on walls etc. My brother had an appointment this afternoon about an apartment so I'll call him a little later to see how it went.

This Sunday we are having our annual Harvest Dinner at church. Those are always so good. Last Sunday was the first Sunday our new Pastor spoke since we voted him in. Catch is he really won't be here permanently until end of Dec. as they want their children to finish off the semester where they are at. So he'll be in and out until then.

Until next time Happy Stitching

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