Saturday, September 22, 2007

Finish # 2 towards 15

I just finished this this morning. It was a quick, fun, easy stitch. I loved doing it. It will go to Native American-SW Quilt we are doing at CSFC. I love these Ted de Grazia graphs. They are so cute. This is no. 2 towards the 15 challenge and that is from 15 books I haven't stitched from yet.

Last night we had dinner with my niece, Tabitha and great nephew, Ashton. Tabitha and Ashton are new to our family and we are enjoying getting to new them. Tabitha and her father just met each other last week. You can tell she is a member of our family, she looks like some of the members. Plus she is highly motivated like some in our family. It was like we knew her all her life. Ashton is all boy. He is a very intelligent, loveable little 4 year old and so cute.

We found out my niece, Heather's, baby is due on same day as her sister's 1st Wedding Anniversary and our Mom's birthday. But we all know babies don't come on their due date at least not usually.

Well until next time Happy Stitching!


Johanna said...

Oh, that's adorable, what a lovely choice!

stitcherw said...

Very cute finish, love all the bright colors.

Lauren said...

Oh, I love the colors, too! What book was it from, again?

Pumpkin said...

Great finish! At this rate, you might actually defeat The Wagon ;o)

Mary Ann said...

Very cute finish!!