Friday, September 28, 2007

Start #3

`I started Map of Michigan for my niece and her husband this past week. This is progress after about 16 hours of stitching. It's going quicker than I thought it would. I am doing the maps of Michigan, New York, and Oregon.

I've been staying with my mom quite a bit the last few weeks. She's doing okay but we don't want her to be alone when dad is out and about. Her stitchres will come out next week. Because of drainage they couldn't be taken out earlier. Usually my dad golfs on Fridays but he golfed yesterday so didn't want to today. Plus we have a dinner at church to go to tonight and he really tires easily these days. He's 78 so he's getting up there but thinks he can still do as much as he always did. The dinner at church is Worker's Appreciation. Usually it's a potluck and we have poor turnout. This time it is being catered and it's going to be a large turnout. Plus we have some good music tonight which is bringing in the younger crowd more then usual. Usually they don't come at all.

Thank you for all the comments to my blog. I really appreciate them.

Well, until next time. Happy Stitching!


Barbara said...

Wow, you stitch fast! I'd be embarassed to say how long it would take me to make that much progress! Your niece and her DH will love this. :)

Ranae said...

Hi! Great start on the map, I am sure it will make a cherished gift for your niece.
Have a nice dinner tonite.

Pumpkin said...

Great start Barb! You'll have this one done in no time ;o)

Mary Ann said...

WOW, you are a fast stitcher. The map is looking great and will be a wonderful gift!

Your dinner tonight sounds like a good time. Enjoy!

Marita said...

Your needle must have been going fast enough leave a smoke trail behind it. Great progress so far.

Hope the dinner was a success and you and parents had an enjoyable evening.

Chiasmata said...

Great progress on the map! It's looking like a biggie. :)

Lauren said...

The map's lovely! I hope your mom continues to do well, and that you had a good time at the dinner!