Tuesday, September 11, 2007

One Last Update Also remembering 9-11

I hope to finish this Thursday for sure on Friday. Now the rider is done it's going easily. That rider had to be taken out 2 or 3 times that's why there isn't any more progress than what there is.

Since this is 9-11 I thought I would add a picture of Brooklyn's View I did about 4 years ago for my brother. Who can ever forget when they heard the news. I was home and my brother called me and told me 2 planes hit the Twin Towers. My first thought was "Terrorist" and as the events unfolded that day I really didn't know what would happen next. Later we learned a young man that had gone to our church played baseball with the church team was among the missing and later dead. He had a job at Windows and was working that day. I didn't know him very well just had his daughter a couple of times in the Nursery. I basically just saw the couple in passing. My brother asked me to do this piece for him.

We had our SS Class Party Saturday. It was a beautiful day out for it and everyone enjoyed it. Cheryl and Steve (host and hostess) always go all out for us when we go out to their house. I don't like Steak so that got me a chicken breast and 2 hotdogs and expected me to eat it all! I took the hotdogs home and had them on Sunday. Personally I could have filled up on the hourdeurs and other things they had. Those meatballs were great! We played a couple of games but mostly talked and just enjoyed the weather.

My mom is home from the hospital now and doing well. She has to use a scooter in time. That must be fairly new as until earlier this summer I had never seen them. You have the bad leg on the scooter and use your good leg to push it. For now she's using the wheel chair. None of us can see her using that scooter. It was fine for a little girl at our church but she was 65 years younger than my mom.

Anyone else watching Design Star? I'm really hoping Kim wins and have been voting for her. Todd is good but lets just say not as conservative as Kim. Kim's style is more to my liking. We'll see Sunday night who wins.

Well I have clothes in the dryer down stairs that I need to go get and I have lunch on. I'm having a BLT sandwhich. All this talk about food am I hungry or something!

Until next time Happy Stitching!


Pumpkin said...

I'd say you're getting towards the end Barb :o) Looking good!

Yes, that was an awful day and I cried for a week. My cousin lives in the city and it was a bit tense until we heard he was okay. Very scary. I'm sorry to hear about that young man :o(

A scooter! Tell her if she doesn't want to use it, I will ;o) Glad to hear she's home.

Hazel said...

It was a terrible time. I remember it clearly. It is a great tribute that you have stitched. xx

stitcherw said...

Glad to hear your mom is doing well. The scooter sounds like an interesting idea, but I really just can see an older individual using it. Shoot, I can't see myself doing it at 48 let alone someone older. Sometimes you have to wonder what doctors are thinking.