Monday, January 24, 2011

Birds and Flowers

I just love doing this piece.   It is so pretty and makes me think Spring!    It will go to Love Quilts Bird quilt for girls.

It's snowing again today.  I heard on the News that this is the Global Warning affect.   We are on the cold snowy end of it.   Sounds like much of the nation is.  I just want it to be spring.

Anyone else having a problem getting the new children at Love Quilts to download for them.  I can get the ones through March but not the ones Apr. -July.   It's frustrating me.  I've been trying for two weeks now.  Than I posted on their message baord and someone posts "You need to go to LQ's homepage.:"  Dknow that I've been doing that for 2 weeks and it's not working!    Someone said they would e mail me the current themes. We'll see.

Well, until next time....Happy Stitching!


~ Sue ~ said...

Barb - I love this piece that you're stitching. Like you said, it does remind a person of Spring and I'm beginning to appreciate the spring and summer more with each passing COLD day! Stay warm and keep those needles smoking!

Beth said...

It is looking really pretty. I know the little girl will love it!

Carol's Stitching said...

A beautiful stitching design and a wonderful reason for the stitching! Happy Stitching and looking forward to seeing the wonderful updates.