Thursday, January 13, 2011

Who is the Designer

This was one of 3 kits I ordered from The Stitchery and received today.  I cannot wait to get it started but I'm not sure who designer is since it seems to be from a foreign country.  Fortunately the pattern is easy to follow and the floss is very easy to figure out.  By what I can tell the designer is Verachtert .  I've never heard of them.     I can't wait to start stitching it though it is so pretty I think

I am turning into a serial starter I think.   As I started a 3rd new projecct the other day called Sandcastles by Sudbury.   It's almost half done so I may just finish it out before I start this one.  I'll  post tomorrow what I have done on it.

Until tomorrow.....Happy Stitching. 


Beth said...

Yes, that is going to be a pretty piece. Are you thinking spring because you have so much snow there?

Babs said...

Verachtert is a Belgian company that makes it, but I think you will know their "brandname" better. Their brandname is Vervaco. They adapt some designs but most of them they have from their designers in house, so not very famous names.

Meari said...

Very pretty piece, Barb.

Jodi said...

lol..I too used to be a serial starter, I have about 12 UFO's currently...but now I don't start one unless I finish one, which means I will always have 12 going! Very pretty piece!