Wednesday, January 05, 2011

PM Start

It doesn't look like much yet but this will be a Japaneese Girl from Precious Moments All Around the Worl.d book.   I am doing it for Chross Stitchers for Charity.   I'm not liking the needle so it's slowing me down.  I ordered 3 packs of the needles I do like but they won't be here until next week.

Has anyone ever had this happen to them.   This is the shortened version of a long story.   I kept getting these bills from my former phone co that said - so many dollars.  I would call them and they would always say "That is how much we owe you, you overpaid."  So fine.   Finally just before Christmas I get another bill and call them and ask what is going on?   She apologized and said that is what we owe you you don't pay us we'll get the refund check out to you and again apologized for it taking so long.  So okay, about a week later I get the check so I'm think good this whole ordeal is over I'm done with that company and threw everything away.  Bad move....Monday morning I get a call from a Bill Collector telling me it got turned over to him because I ignored all their attempts etc.   I told him the whole story and told him I had the refund check.  He was baffled by it.  I gave him the number of the check, (fortunately I hadn't cashed the check and will wait now).  In end he said he would look into the whole matter and get back to me in 35-40 days.   He also said he sent me a letter, I still haven't received it so neither one of us could figure that out either.   He was real nice about it and understood my anger and confusion.   Never will I use that company again.   Oh I called the phone company later and was real nice as I knew the person I was talking to wasn't responsible.  He had no idea as to what happened sent me to financial services, they had no idea what happened and tried to return me to billing.   When I told her billing sent me to her she says "oh shute!" and we both started laughing.  So I have a very bad impression of them believe me.  Not the people I talked to but the whole system as a whole is something to be desired! 

After making the calls I was so upset I ordered 2 patterns from 123 stitch plus the needles and some material, and sent a check.  Good on my part.   But next day I ordered 3 items with my credit card from The Stitchery which I seldom do but I just couldn't resist them.  Can't wait to get them and get to stitching them.

We are getting a lot of snow these days.   We had a fairly mild Dec. although we did get a White Christmas, January is catching up to us!

Now the best for last..    Last night Wyatt James was born to my nephew and his wife.   We are so excited.   In the end Chrissy was just miserable the last 3 weeks.   Then yesterday they sent her home from work.   She called Bryan and went to hospital and they admitted her.   My sister thought they would be in for a long night but actually the baby came soon after that.  He was born at 7pm.   So now I have 13 great nieces and nephews with 2 more on the way!

Well until next time.....Happy stitching


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Great start.....

Sorry you are going through all that with the phone co.... hopefully more people do not have to deal with that.

Hope you get your patterns and other supplies soon.

Congrats on your family for the new little angel and all the one on the way.

Margaret said...

Congratulations on your new great-nephew. Wow two more little ones on the way. Lucky parents and lucky auntie.

You have been working on such lovely pieces Barb. 3 Kings is my absolute favorite.

Kathryn in NZ said...

Belated congrats on the new addition to your "great" family!
Very pretty starts, especially the birds in the flowers one.
Apologies for not commenting in so long - my firewalls weren't letting me see the verifications, grr.
Happy stitching!