Saturday, January 01, 2011

Last update on 3 Kings

  Happy New Year!   I hope everyone has a great New Year.
It only got half way done but I''m not working on it until December now.   I don't do Christmas except in Dec.    I had wanted to take a picture of it but I have to buy a piece for the disc as it's so small before I can upload it unto my computer. 
  This morning I started Precious Moments Japan piece from PM Around the world book.  It is for Cross Stitchers for Charity.
\    Yesterday we had our family Christmas at least those that were there.   Tim came but Wendy and Tabi didn't feel up to it.  (Wendy's mother was buried yesterday her funeral was Thurs. and it finally started hitting Wendy her mother was gone.)  Johnny and Addie stole the show and Katelyn was so precious.   Next year she'll be running around with Johnny and Addie.   We had a White Elephant Exchange which was fun.  
It was a noisy fun afternoon though.  

Until next time Happy Stitching!


Beth said...

Your Three Kings is going to be beautiful when you finish it.

Glad you had such a good family time!

Connie B said...

Looking good! I love Precious Moments pieces!! I look forward to seeing the progress!