Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Birds and Flowers are finished

I loved doing this piece.   It is so pretty.  It will go to Love Quilts Charlotte's Kids Birds quilt.   This is one of my all time favorite pieces I think.  It even stitched up easily.   Oh, there was some frogging and I ran out of thread from the kit because of the frogging but I enjoyed the piece so much it didn't bother me.   That is one thing I don't like about kits, they really should send more threads with the piece than they do.
We got caught by the Blizzard of 2011.   We got about 14 inches so far and doubt we'll get much more than that  as the worse is over.   We were warned this was coming.  Anyone who wasn't prepared it was their own fault.   We had a lot of snow on the ground to begin with so adding 14 inches is a lot.   My deck is about buried I think and I can't even open the door to knock off the icicles.  Oh well.....I get a thrill out of watching ice melt anyway.   Whiskers is very unamused by it, he just goes to the bedroom and sleeps in his corner or on my bed.   I will admit I didn't expect there to be so many closings, I expected schools but not businesses or factories.   Even our county buildings are closed.  Garbage isn't being picked up and even the city buses are not running!   It's bad but we can handle it.  We are not alone.  I just hope everyone stays safe and warm.

Well....until next time  Happy Stitching!


Tammy said...

Wow what a beautiful pattern!! Congrats

Beth said...

It really turned out lovely!! Hope you get dug out of the snow soon. Ky was really lucky, we were between both storms, but did not really get hit.

Debra said...

The bird piece is beautiful!
Everything shut down here two.
The mall even closed and that hasn't happened in 14 years.

TammyK said...

Love the birds :) Great job Barb!

Terri said...

Great finish :)