Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!
      It's been a busy week but I did get some progress done on the Japaneese Ptecious Moments piece.    Good thing I don't mind backstitching as there is an awful lot of backstitching to this piece.

       My sister came to town a few days ago.   We played some games one day and went shopping the next.   I was so disappointed my favorite clothing store went out of business at the mall.   Oh well......
       Saturday we had a clothing giveaway at church.   We got lots and lots of clothes but didn't have a whole lot of people come.  We really didn't know what to expect.   The organizer was satisfied with the turn out though,   I think if we could have gotten to our church sign and posted it plus if it would have been spring , summer, or fall, we would have had more people come.  
       We are finally getting the warmer temperatures!   It is so exciting to see the icicles melting off the deck and see the snow slowly melt away.   We still have lots on the ground but it's coming down

       The Food Pantry is going great.   We have received a grant that we never expected and will use it to buy more food from Feeding America.    I will be stepping down as cordinator.   I've been having a lot of problems with one of the workers who would love to take over the pantry and run it.  Without going into details the last two weeks were horrible she was leaving nasty notes questioning things she shouldn't have, telling the other two ladies to do things I had not wanted done and was against church policy.  Finally I had had it and after talking to two of our Pastors we decdided to finally put a man in that will not put up with Deb.   We realize we are mixing oil and water and we are proceeding with caution.   But I've been wanting to have Clif take over for 6 months now and we finally decdided now was the time and Deb will just have to deal with it or quit.   I'm feeling I'm doing what is best for the food pantry, and best for church.  I will remain on the staff, and still do all the ordering and be the assistant so my role won't change much I just won't get the hassles any more.

    Well Happy Valentines Day and until next time Happy Stitching!


Beth said...

Your Precious Moments piece is looking great!

Sorry about your frustrations at the Food Pantry. Hope the personnel change fixes the problem. It is to bad to have people that just "know everything" trying to undermine your authority.

requilt said...

I am working on Holland from PM - Your Japan is going to be so pretty.
I really enjoyed looking through your blog.

dpmichel said...

Thanks for the work you did for hungry Americans and best of luck to you.

Dan Michel
Feeding America

Carol's Stitching said...

Your precious moments piece is looking fabulous! The backstitching will be so worth it when you see how much more detail it will bring to the picture.

I commend you for doing something for others who is less fortunate. It will be a better world if there was more people like you.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! you're a new to me blogger, so I've subscribed to your blog and look forward to "getting to know" you!