Friday, February 25, 2011

Blog Giveaway

I usually don't do these things no do I usually enter them but I'm going to have a blog giveaway.   I barely went through myo stash and found these two that I will never be able to stitch because of my eyes.  I can't stand that so thought I would offer them as a Giveaway to someone who will stitch them.   One is The Laughter of Angels by Design Connection and the other is An Afternoon Nap by Brucilla.  The laughter of angerls didn't  scan too well sorry.     You don't have to be a follower of my blog to enter.   I hate it when people say first follow my blog then post a comment.  That to me is just begging for followers.   I will ask you to post to this and tell me which one you would like.   I will draw names Monday, Feb. 28.   Check back Monday night I will post who wins and how to send me your snail mail address.    Until next time Happy Stitching!


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Those are cute kits.
Please include me in your drawings.
I like both so it really does not natter which one I win.
Thank you.

Babs said...

The cat is really lovely, I would like to enter for her.

Thank you, Babs

Anonymous said...

Oh Barb, that is so sweet of you. Sorry to hear that you cannot stitch them for yourself. They are both gorgeous.

I don't dare let my daughter see the cat one or she will be wanting it. Actually, I would love to stitch it for her. She is such a cat lover.

Thanks for such a kind offer.


For Sale Or Trade dannmurray said...

They are both lovely Barb. I am so sorry you will not be able to stitch them. It is very sweet of you to offer them to others. I do like the cat one because we have cats. The angel one is nice too. If I win, you decide.

Terry's Crafty Fingers said...

Barb, I would love to be put in for Laughter of Angels.

Renee G said...

I would absolutely love to have the Laughter of Angels. It's adorable.

Felicity said...

Oh wow! So cute! I'd so love to win one or other. The cat is particularly gorgeous (not to mention just like my own cat called Gypsy).

Tama said...

I would love to have 'Afternoon Nap'.

Joanie R. said...

I would love to have the Cat design. My girlfriends cat looks just exactly like that!

Joanie R.

ps: thanks for the drawing

mbroider said...

Hi, thanks for the giveaway!! I am in love with the cat. Pls do add my name - i am in India though. If that does not work, you can exclude me.

Good luck to all