Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Finally it's Moving Faster

I know the picture is a little crooked there.   I knew once I got the head, hair and the mountain and building done the piece would move quicker.  It just took close to two weeks to get the mountain and building in.  I kept having to frog.   As you can see there is a lot of detail to this piece.  Even for a Precious Moments piece a lot of detail.
I didn't go to BSF today.   I seem to have caught a nasty cold fast and furious plus I had such a sore throat and headache I just said forget it I'm not going anywhere.

We didn get a lot of snow Sunday.  I think we gained almost all that had melted.   Took a week to melt but came back in a few hours.  Unfair.   It's melting some again now.   It's that time of year we will get snow but we will have more nice days, especially once March gets under way.  

We have to have someone certified to work in our Food Pantry if we want to stay with Feeding America.   I tried yesterday to take the test, and for 3 hours we tried accessing it and couldn't do it.   So just called it a day.   I came home and found several messages on my computer so when I try to take the test, The access key was on my conmputer, that really would have helped!Thursday or Friday I should have an easier time of getting in. Yesterday I was trying from my dad's house on his computer and it just was not cooperating at all.  My mom says "Now you know why I won't touch a
computer."   She may be the smart one.l

Well, until next time Happy Stitching.  I'm going to read some more blogs.  I'm trying to catch up.


Sarah said...

Hello Barb,

Is there anything I can help you with as far as accessing the system? Feel free to contact me.

Feeding America

Barb said...

Thanks Sarah, I'm going to try again early next week. I'm thinking we were using the wrong key. I think I got the right key a couple hours later so will try that. If I continue to have a problem I will contact you. Thank you again.

Beth said...

Your Precious Moments is coming along great!! Good luck getting the right key!

Anonymous said...

This is so cute. I have never seen a PM like this one. You are doing a gorgeous job on it. Hopefully it is going a lot faster for you now.

Meari said...

Good luck with your test, Barb. The geisha looks really pretty. Which book is that from?