Saturday, June 02, 2012

Another new start

I actually started two pieces since I last posted. The one, Magnolia Wreath will take a while so I'll wait to post that one, but this butterfly is being stitched for Quilts for older childer. It's monochromatic and a nice break from the pony and the magnolias. I chose to use DMC 209 for color choice and I love it. It's so pretty.

Our weather has cooled down a lot. They said we would reach 68 today, I'll be surprised if we reached 58! Although it seems to have warmed up the last couple of hours. The rest of the week is suppose to be beautiful!

Saturn has adjusted very well and is getting spoiled. Some day I'll get pictures of him to post. I can't find the battery charger to my camera, my sister took a few pictures but has to mail them to me yet maybe next week. He sure is a sweetheart. He's the best of both Buffy and Whiskers. He isn't interested in human food at all so it's nice to have a cat who isn't right there begging. Although the last few weeks of Whiskers life he didn't beg, he just got on the chair and looked at my food but didn't really want it. I really miss Whiskers though it's hard to get over loosing him after 19 1/2 years, but Saturn has created his own special spot in my heart. I just wish I could get him declawed but because he is al
most 11 months and is 11 pounds my Vet won't do it. She says it would be too hard on him so I'm not forcing the issue.

Speaking of Saturn he is kicking me off the computer. I guess he wants the chair back...he's had the chair all afternoon!

Well....until next time....Happy Stitching!


Anonymous said...


Your butterfly start is beautiful, you chose a great colour!

Glad Saturn is settling well. I miss my other cats too, you never really get over losing them do you?

Our weather is cool again and we have no sun just drizzle, good stitching weather!

Carol said...

The purple in your butterfly WIP is so pretty, Barb... Saturn sounds like a very sweet and loveable kitty :)