Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Quick Finish

I decided to find some easy sea life pieces to do and that way get closer to the 50 mark I'm almost half way through now. I think this is piece 23 or 24. Next I think I'm doing a couple of chairs on the beach that says Wish you were here underneath them.

It's summertime and when I was young basically the summer was spent on the beach. And every summer I want to do beach scenes in honor of those days. I remember we had so much fun on Lake Michigan and there are so many other lakes around here, we were always at some lake swimming.

Last Sunday we went to my brother's house. Because he's out of town this weekend he wanted to have us over for Father's Day. This time it was just my parents and brother and sister in law and I it was nice.

This weekend I offered to help my niece with her garage sale but since I don't drive, she'd have to pick me up and it's about 40 minutes away I doubt it. Besides I'm sure Addie would have other plans for me.

Oh did I tell you our Food Pantry got $1,000 donated it by our Women's Chamber of Congress. They had a Dancing with the Stars event and the proceeds went to area food pantries. Last year we got $500 so this was a surprise to get that much. We also got a lot of food for the US Postal Service Food Drive. Yet it seems like we always need food. Somehow I need to go shopping again.

I discovered I was loosing weight without trying so I decided to start trying and by cutting down to two cans of Pepsi a day. Except I haven't lost any more weight since I started that last week. Maybe in time. I do do exercises too but may increase them. If it weren't so hot out I would go for walks but it's too hot.

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Anonymous said...

Your sea horses are so cute!
Sounds like you had a lovely family weekend.

It's great to hear that your Food Pantry got such a donation!
Happy stitching!