Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A new start

Hello again! I started this earlier today and is almost half done. I love lighthouses. I am doing this for a young boy at Love Quilts who chose Religious as theme of his quilt. I know the white doesn't show up too well. I'm thinking of redoing it later this year on light color aida cloth for the Sandy Hook project. Today I went through my books and found about 20 of them I could use so far. We'll see how many I actually do for it as I don't want to forget about my commitment to Love Quilts. But I am excited about the Sandy Hook project. I think I am going to finish up my Christmas shopping on Friday. For some reason I cannot get in the mood for Christmas this year and I don't know why. A snow storm is to come in tonight or tomorrow night so maybe that will help. I didn't even buy Christmas cards this year. Oh well.... We are having our Family Christmas the 29th so being around the kids will help. I love the excitement of children at christmas time and I love the christmas music. Well....until next time....Happy Stitching


Linda said...

Hi Barb. Great start. You mentioned a Sandy Hook project. Can you send me a link to these?

Merry Christmas

Nicola said...

Children, especially those who believe in Father Christmas make it such a fun time for us adults.

I think what you are doing to bring joy to others is amazing.

stitcherw said...

Loved looking at your various pieces, my favorites so far were the little calf and the dove. The lighthouse is looking great. The white may pop more when the rest is completed, or maybe you could use a pale grey to outline it so it would stand out a bit more?