Tuesday, December 04, 2012

New Christmas start

Hello fellow bloggers. I decided to get some Christmas stitching in. I found this material and thought this would be an easy piece to do on evenweave. I don't know if it's Lugana or not. Anyway it's going pretty well. I use to love stitching on evenweave and linen when I was younger. Maybe I'll get back into it. This piece is from a very old Stoney Creek book. Book #3, so it's from about 28 years ago. I think it was published in 1984. I have done several pieces from this book through the years, and this may be the 2nd time I've done this one. I think I did it for a round robin years ago when I use to do round robins. My sister in law took me Christmas shopping yesterday and we went out for lunch. We had a good time. I didn't get everything done but did get some Christmas and birthday presents. This Sunday we are getting together for Johnny's 6th birthday. Some of you may remember when he was born. He is going to be six already and is in kindergarten. Being home schooled by his mother. And he has a little sister who is going to be 3 in Mar. She adores him and he adores her. Today is a pretty good day. I even am walking a little better today and not as lightheaded. So maybe PT is working on me after all. So I'll keep at the excercises. Well....until next time Happy Stitching!


Nicola said...

Children do grow up very quickly. What fun to have lunch with your SIL.

I am so pleased you are walking better.

Mary Ann said...

It sounds like you had a very nice day with your SIL, and your new Christmas start is looking great!!