Sunday, October 28, 2012

Finally Finihsed!

Finally finished! I am Happy Dancing! This is for a quilt we are doing at Cross Stitch Addicts featuring the Baby Animals by Eller Mauer-Strohl. It's going to be an adorable quilt. Now I have barely started the flower for Toni's quilt. We are doing it at Cross Stitching for Older Children. Although we do a lot for adults too, such as case of Toni. Toni is my cousin and has 3rd stage ovarian cancer. I asked her if she'd like a quilt and accepted. She chose a lap quilt with theme of flowers. It's due Thursday. I'll have it done by then but it may be received early next week. I have noticed on my blog that for some reason the different paragraphs are not showing up even though when I type I do paragraphs. Why doesn't it show on the blog itself? Thank you for reading my blog and for the comments. Until next time Happy Stitching!


EvalinaMaria said...

Congratulations!!! It looks adorable and I would love to see the finished quilt. It will the cutest quilt ever!

Carol said...

Aww...he is adorable, Barb!! That quilt will be so very appreciated by the recipient!