Monday, July 13, 2009

Love One Another

I haven't made a whole lot of progress on sleeping kitten so will wait a few days to post progress on that. This is a piece I did a few years ago. (Shortly before I started blogging) It was done for a quilt and I don't remember who or her circumstances. It was a special quilt put together by someone at 123 stitch is all I remember.
Speaking of Special quilts. That Patriotic Ribbon I did and posted 2 or 3 months ago has now been put on the quilt and Sue has it now. I couldn't say who it was for as she reads my blog and to see the quilt go to Sue P in my blog roll. She has it posted there. I chose it because she was born on 4th of July and new she liked Patriotic pieces.
In a few minutes I leave to have an EMG on my hand and then we are going out to the camp ground. So until next time Happy Stitching!


Ranae said...

How sweet!!

GoldenAngelsWorks said...


Cindy F. said...

Hope your hand is doing well!!

This is a beautiful quilt stitch! Absolutely precious!

Meari said...

Really pretty, Barb.