Sunday, July 05, 2009

A Love Quilts Start

I've been stitching on this a little at a time. This is about 4 days work 10 hours. Today I'm not tuching it and probably won't touch it much the next few days as Mon-Wed. I'll be going out to the campground. Today I am going to a baby shower for my niece. This piece is called Kitten sleeping on Pillow by Jeanette Crews Designs in book Kittens. I barely have it started.
Friday I went to the craft fair down town with a friend. It was nice. I go about once every 2 or 3 years. Also we went through 3 very old homes and an old firehouse. One house was just one preserved through the years. The other two were of famous families in our city who contributed a lot to the city in late 1800'a early 1900's. The Hackley Home was more formal as they had two older children and the Hume Home was very cozy and informal. They had 7 children. I really liked that house. It was interesting to see all the furnishings and how the two families lived. It was a perfect day to go not too hot not too cold. We were down there about 6 hours. And we didn't even go into Hackley Park where the art work was.
At the craft fair I bought a baby afghan to send to my nephew Jake, and his wife, Surrayah in AL. Their baby is due in Aug. I found this cute tool box made with cloth and had tools inside all baby safe and played a song. I had to get that for Michelle's baby it was too cute. I had two baby outfits for him and will give it to her today. The toolbox she'll get today but I'll tell her it's for when he's born in Sept. or Oct He's due late Sept. day before Michelle's birthday.
Well....I better go get ready for church. Until next time Happy Stitching!


Meari said...

What a fun time you must've had at the craft fair. The baby items sound adorable!

TammyK said...

It's great to be stitching for Love Quilts. Looks like you're off to a great start :o)