Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bunny piece is done

This was such a fun stitch! I will be doing more pieces from the book for sure.
Now I will be going back to the butterfly piece for a few days anyway. But it is so nice out today I may look for something with water, a beach scene or soemthing. Something easy to do on side of Butterfly piece. This piece is for a quilt we are doing at Cross Stitching for Charity. The quilt will feature the animals from Stoney Creek's Farm Babies book. I signed up to do the pig too but will do that later. The two pieces aren't due until Oct. or Nov. There was an awful lot of white on white stitching but I back stitched as I went along and that helped a lot. I really loved doing the backstitching. It really makes this piece.
Saturday we have a picnic at a friends house. She does it every year for those 50 and over at church. It's a fun time.
My brother had another back surgery on Tuesday. So far so good. He's in a lot of pain but hopefully this time the surgery will work and relief the pain.
Kids say the darnest things sometimes. Johnny apparently got mad at his mom and dad and his baby sister was screaming so he told his sister he would start taking care of her. (Of course he was mad at his parents about something and wanted to throw them away!)
Well, I'm going to read some blogs. I love reading blogs. Some of you do such nice pieces and are so good at writing I'm jealous.....Until next time Happy Stitching


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Too cute. Congrats on a cute finish!

Mylene said...

That is such a cute design. Congrats on the finish.

Wishing foy your brother for a speedy recovery.

TammyK said...

Cute quilt square. It's great of you to help the charity like that.

Sharon said...

Cute finish!

Beth said...

Congratulations on another darling finish!! The bunny is just too cute. I am hoping, after I retire, to do stitching for those organizations. I really admire you all that do that.

stitcherw said...

Great finish, very cute. Hope your brother heals quickly and his back is much improved.