Monday, June 21, 2010

Progress on Bunny

This piece is flying. I may just decide to finish him on out as there really isn't a whole lot to do on it. Hopefully early Friday he will be done. I've made a little progress on the butterfly too, but I'll continue on him after this one is done. I also am wanting to do an easy beach or Patriotic. It's that time of year. It seems to work having an easy piece to go along with a more detailed piece. And yes, even though by Stoney Creek this piece is quite easy.

Thank you for your comments to my blog. I want to clear something up. The little ones I talk about, Johnny, Addie, Kate, Nick, they are my great nieces and nephews. I have 12 of them with another one on the way. Some of you thought they were my grandchildren. I couldn't love them more if they were my grandchildren though.

Tomorrow I have Care group. The lady that is picking me up and I are going to the Flea Market just before it. So guess I better make my 7 layer bars tonight. I love going to the Flea Market, I love red potatoes, green beans, cucumbers, and may even pick up a couple of tomatoes. My mom has a tomato plant and sometimes I can get one from her plant but I don't get there but once a week. This time of year I love fresh vegetables! I get tired of the same meals all the time so love vegetable meals from time to time.

Lately, when I eat my little companion, Whiskers, jumps on the shoulder or back of the chair and makes his presence known the whole time I'm eating making me pet him etc. And if he can have it, I will offer him a couple of bites. Lately he's been on my lap a lot and when he's not he'll come up to me tap me and want me to either pet him or give him a kiss. It must be because he's getting older. He's 17 1/2 now so getting up there for a cat. What will I ever do without him. I know I'll get another cat but it won't be my Whiskers.

I also found out by way of our church prayer chain my brother is having back surgery tomorrow. What a way to find out. Actually I knew he was having it by mom told me July 22. She was only off a month and I talked to her earlier today and she mentioned nothing about it. Now I'm trying to call them and the line is busy...that means dad's home and talking to people on the phone. We joke he's married to church first, computer second, and mom 3rd. But that isn't necessarily true.

Today is my niece, Heather, birthday. She's 33 today they grow so fast. Today she's married and has a 2 year old daughter of her own. Right now they are all up north camping. Her, her parents, brother and sister in law and sister and brother in law and of course the important 2 Addie, and Nick are all up there. Bryan and Chrissy have to leave tomorrow though as they have to work Wed. The rest will be there to the end of the week.

Well....I knew I was feeling chatty, but I better go do my dishes and make those 7 layer bars! Until next time Happy Stitching!

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~ Sue ~ said...

I love the bunny! You always pick out the cutest charts!